Meet Miss Anxiety《我的早更女友》Movie Review


It's been said and done, every beautiful thought's been already sung

And I guess right now, here's another one.


Like love songs, romantic comedies are aplenty.


And you would think that all conceivable plots have already been written and made.


Or have they?


In "Meet Miss Anxiety" 我的早更女友, be prepared for the most out-of-this-world story developments.


Follow the romantic overtures of a 26-year old damsel (played by Zhou Xun 周迅) suffering from early menopause (terminal illnesses are passé) and battling the slew of symptoms from forgetfulness to hormonal outbursts.



Not bizarre enough?


Throw in scenes of her attending her convocation in a wedding dress, as well as crashing her ex's wedding disguised as the bride.



There is no doubt that the producers were going for the kill, by playing the sure-win move for producing the ultimate romantic comedy: wrapping it in Korean overalls (Oppa!).


And while they were at it, might as well engage the director of "My Sassy Girl" - Kwak Jae-yong, to lend the winning elements of the 2001 smash-hit.


The influence of Kwak and "My Sassy Girl" is obvious from the opening music of Canon in D and the quirky combination of the goofy, submissive, sweet boyfriend and the drunken, abusive, abrasive girlfriend.



As no surprise, this love story has a happy ending complete with swoon-worthy scenes.



Looking to express your admiration towards your crush this Valentines day?


Or to reignite the romance in your relationship?


Let "Meet Miss Anxiety" help you set the mood. Opens in cinemas on 05 Feb 15.


张靓颖 - 老地方 (“早更女友” 主题曲) Chords


Many thanks to Clover Films for the invitation to the preview screening.

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