Ronan Keating - This I Promise You


Key: Bb

Capo 3 – Play G


     G C/G G                    Csus2   

My love     here I stand before you

       Dsus4                                 G C/G G

I am yours now from this moment on

              G C/G G                               Csus2

Take my hand     only you can stop me shaking

                     Dsus4                 G C/G G

We'll share forever this I promise you


                   Csus2                 Dsus4                G        C/G G

* And when I look in your eyes All of my life is before me

                 Csus2                           Dsus4                 G C/G G

And I'm not running anymore 'Cause I already know I'm home

                 Csus2                  Dsus4                             Em

With every beat of my heart I'll give you my love completely

      Csus2 Dsus4            G C/G G

My darling, this I promise you


     G C/G G                    Csus2

My love      I can feel your heartbeat

          Dsus4                            G C/G G

As we dance now closer than before

             G C/G G                              Csus2

Don't let go        'cause I could almost cry now

              Dsus4                         G C/G G

This is forever, I make this vow to you *


      Csus2  Dsus4           Csus2     G

My darling, this I promise you this I promise you

       Csus2                           G Csus2           G

Oh I promise you promise you   this I promise you


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