Michael Learns To Rock - Sleeping Child


Key: D


D             G     A           D 

The Milky Way upon the heavens

D              G         A7sus4 A7

Is twinkling just for you

D          G       F#7        Bm7

And Mr. Moon he came by

     Em                   A7sus4 A7

To say goodnight to you


D             G     A             D

I'll sing for you, I'll sing for mother

D                   G       A7sus4 A7

We're praying for the world

D               G        F#7  Bm7 

And for the people everywhere

           Em                    A7sus4 A7

Gonna show them all we care


              D           G           Em         A7

* Oh, my sleeping child the world's so wild

                D            G   Em   A7

But you've built your own paradise

                D        G         Em          A7         D    G Em A7

That's one reason why I'll cover you, sleeping child


D          G        A              D

If all the people around the world

D               G           A7sus4 A7

They had a mind like yours

D                  G         F#7     Bm7

We'd have no fighting and no wars

                       Em                   A7sus4 A7

There would be lasting peace on Earth


D          G      A              D

If all the kings and all the leaders

D                    G           A7sus4 A7

Could see you here this way

                 D          G       F#7     Bm7

They would hold the Earth in their arms

                 Em                       A7sus4 A7

They would learn to watch you play *


G            D            A7                G D A7

I'm gonna cover my sleeping child

G              D                 A7

Keep you away from the world so wild


Keep you away from the world

  A7sus4        A7          D G Em A

Away from the world so wild *


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