Introduction to SAF Formations: The Pop Song Way



Armour: Wrecking Ball (Miley Cyrus)


Operator of the big tanks and armoured vehicles. With the ability to trample through anything in its way and packed with stunning firepower, they do come in like a wrecking ball~.




Artillery: It Will Rain (Bruno Mars)


Operators of the big guns that send shells raining from the skies. When you hear your comrades shouting 'arty arty arty', you'd better get down and wrap your hands around the back your neck 'cos it's gonna rain~ rain~ rain~.




Combat Engineers: Bridge Over Troubled Waters (Simon & Garfunkel)


Tanks and forces impeded by water obstacles? Combat engineers literally construct a bridge over troubled waters~ to allow the advance of troops.



Commandos: Flying Without Wings (Westlife)


Elite airborne soldiers capable of flying (parachuting) into enemy grounds to carry out recon and sabotage missions. Well, technically they do have wings. Silver wings on their chest.




Drivers: Let Me Take You There (Plain White T’s)


Training shed 269? Let me take you there~! I'm always impressed by how drivers can find their way around inside SAF training grounds where every road and training shed looks the same to me.



Guards: Skyfall (Adele)


Specialists of heliborne operations, guardsmen fall from the skies, rappelling stealthily from choppers in full battle order and ready to strike!


Source: cyberpioneertv


Infantry: Bang Bang (Jessie J)


The soldiers who actually pick up their rifles and fight. Once contacted!, all they hear is Bang Bang. Infantrymen are also trained in FIBUA (fighting in built-up areas) where they go bang bang into the room~.




Medics: Fix You (Coldplay)


Sprain, fracture, heat stroke, concussion, abrasion? Shout ‘medic!’ and they will come running to fix you up using their specialty skill: inserting intravenous drips. And I will try to fix you~


Source: cyberpioneertv


Naval Divers: Rolling in the Deep (Adele)


As part of the elite forces, these frogmen are specially trained in underwater operations, to thrive in the deep waters.




Signals: Radio (The Corrs)


Custodian of the communication networks, the core business of a signaler is to establish comms: So I listen to the radio~. And no, they do not listen to Taylor Swift on it. Unless some joker uses it as his/ her callsign.


Hello Charlie one niner, this is Taylor Swift. Message over.


Source: cyberpioneertv

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