3 Things You Didn't Know About Tanya 蔡健雅 (As Revealed in The Hidden Singer)


Image source: blog.ctitv.com.tw


#1 Tanya used to shun mandarin love songs in her early days as a singer. She found them overly mushy and could not identify with them.


And the song that changed her perception?

Tanya wrote the song (with English lyrics) to commemorate her recently-ended relationship. The recording company got lyricist maestro 姚谦 to pen the Chinese lyrics.


It resonated with her so much, she teared.


And that was the first of the many heartrending tear-jerking Tanya love songs.


#2 There's a legendary golden triangle (黄金铁三角) in the music scene helmed proudly by our very own Tanya (蔡健雅), Xiaohan (小寒) and Eric Ng (黄韵仁).


With their powers combined:


#3 Tanya was hailed as the female 'Rain God' in the entertainment scene.


Wherever she went, the skies would open up. To break the jinx, she wrote the song 蔡健雅 - 别找我麻烦.




And as mysterious as it sounds, the curse was supposedly lifted.


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