Scarlet Avenue - "2024" Album Review


Do you remember the gestational or infancy phase of your relationship where you were just getting to know your other half?


I'm sure you'd have had one of those mornings in the park, afternoons in the coffee house, or late nights on the phone, where you get dopamine-infused simply listening to him/ her sharing with you their life stories and deepest thoughts.


In their debut album 2024 comprising of 10 self-written tracks, the Ang brothers (Adam, 20 and Amos, 24) of Scarlet Avenue let you in on their most intimate thoughts and experiences, whispered in their mellow voices, reverberated by the rings of their acoustic guitars.


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It is not hard to be mesmerized by the kaleidoscope of musical narratives painted in contemporary-poetic sentences. From the soft-rock YOLO-inspirational Paper Plane to the sprightly globe-trotting adventures in C’est La Vie, the waltz-y melancholic serenade in Fallin to the upbeat bitter-sweet mourning of lost love in I Won’t Forget You.


Fancy a tête-à-tête with Scarlet Avenue?


2024 is available for download on iTunes:


Image source: Scarlet Avenue’s facebook page

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