53A - Tomorrow's Here Today (NDP 2016 Theme Song)


Music/Lyrics:Don Richmond


Key: E
Capo 2 – Play D


lD A lG   l x2


D              A                G

Raise your head to the skies

Bm            A

This is how we all begin

D          A              G

See the fire in your eyes

Bm                     A

Feel the yearning deep within

D                                  A

Take a leap and you will fly

G                                       Bm A

With all the wishes that you own

D                                           A

Make your dreams light up the sky

G                                     Bm A

Home is where you’re not alone


   G                                   Bm

~ And our hearts will beat together

G                  D          

Echoing what dreams may come

A                         Bm

Walking tall in any weather


Time has come bang the drum

              Bm        A

Cause tomorrow’s here today


  D          G                  Bm

* Dream away Take the world by the hand


Cause tomorrow’s here today

D          G                     Bm 

Dream away Come let’s go right away

              A                          lD A lG Bm A l x2

Cause tomorrow’s here today


D        A                   G

Step into a brand new day

    Bm                   A

Tomorrow’s calling out your name

D                                         A

When you know just who you are

G                                    Bm A

You can’t stop you are on fire

D                                A

Looking up beyond the stars

G                                Bm   A

Fly the flag and raise it higher ~ *


G                          D

When we run along And we’re standing tall

G                                Bm              A

When we sing our song No way that we can fall

G                               D

Be what we want to be When we make our way

G                             Bm         A

Till it’s plain to see Tomorrow’s here today


D     G            Bm

Yeah Take the world by the hand


Cause tomorrow’s here today

D     G               Bm

Yeah Come let’s go right away


Cause tomorrow’s here today


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