Maestro Showcase at Library@Esplanade


When I entered Library@Esplanade on Saturday, instead of taking the usual right to where the music shelves and Marina Bay panorama are, I was drawn into taking a left.


There, perched behind the glass chambers and luminescing in the glow of the spotlights, laid a collection of distinguished Maestro guitars sporting their trademark arm bevels and sound ports.



And so for the next 5 minutes, I shuffled down the row, appreciating the unique curves and bevels of each model, reading their descriptions and drooling over their exotic timbre makeup.


Here is how you can quickly decode the name of a Maestro Guitar:


[Guitar Shape/ Size] - [Back &Sides Tonewood] [Custom Features] [Soundboard]


Shape: Victoria (000)/ Raffles (Small Jumbo)/ Singa (Medium Jumbo)


Back & Sides Tonewood: (IR) Indian Rosewood (MB) Malaysian Blackwood (BR) Brazilian Rosewood (CO) Cocobolo (K) Koa (FM) Flamed Maple


Custom Features: (C) Florentine Cutaway (S) Soundport (B) Beveled Armrest


Soundboard: (IR) Indian Rosewood (A) Adirondack Spruce (O) Ovangkol (C) Cedar


Example: Raffles-K CSB K

Small Jumbo guitar, Koa top, back & sides, with Florentine cutaway, soundport and beveled armrest.


Victoria-IR3 CSB Temasek-IR SB C


Vera-BR SB A H
Rosetta-CO CSB A Raffles-K CSB K

Singa-O CSB



I was never a fan of elaborate designs and inlays, always preferring minimalistic satin-finished guitars. But I became a convert after trying on their Raffles-FM.




The playability was excellent; my fingers felt so uninhibited cruising through the frets.


I used to think the beveled arm rest was just an expensive frill but hey, my modest biceps actually nestled quite well in it. And damn, it made me more conscious of the annoying edge whenever I play on normal guitars now.


The best thing about Raffles FM was its balanced tone. The bass and trebles blend so harmoniously that fingerstyling sounded… so sweet!


Anyways, just a dopamine-charged declaration of love/ review of the Maestro Raffles-FM. Not in any way affiliated to the brand, except for that we are both born in Singapore.



Never too early to start brainwashing educating baby Coven about guitars!


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