Guitarists of Singapore (GOS) - David Tan



Age: 40

Occupation: Engineer

Style: Acoustic

No. of years of playing the guitar: 25 years

No. of hours spent on the guitar per week: 2 times a week and at least 2 hrs each session



How did you get acquainted with guitar playing?


From church. To play for God.


Describe your first experience playing on a guitar.


Difficult to play.


What is the best thing about being a guitarist?


Play and sing song for the family and church.


Describe your most memorable guitar-related incident.


Save all my holiday job money to buy my 1st 1k guitar.


How many guitars do you currently own?


8 pcs. 3 Maestro acoustics - Singa Z, Singa MO CSB, Raffles CO CSB, 1 Maestro ukulele, 1 Ovation- celebrity series, 1 Yamaha acoustics - APX 8, 1 city music custom electric, 1 small travel guitar from cristofori.


If your house is on fire, which one would you run out with? Why?


Raffles CO CSB


First guitar: Yamaha/CG40/1991


Favourite guitar brand/ model: Maestro. Local handmade guitars and better sounding and pricing than all those factory made Martins, Taylor and Gibson.



First song you learned to play on guitar: Jesus loves me


Most difficult song you have played on guitar: Have not encountered as I play simple chords.


Tips for aspiring guitarists: Choose a guitar to suit your playing style.


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