Guitarists of Singapore (GOS) - Jeff Teay



Age: 35-40

Occupation: Daytime: Sales Executive. AOT: Music Enthusiast!

Style: Acoustic

No. of years of playing the guitar: 12 years

No. of hours spent on the guitar per week: Once a week for 6-8 hours? Because I teach vocals during weekends and also because I'm a sucky keyboard player who plays a bit better on the guitar~

Guitar/ music qualifications: Self taught.. (very amateur)

Gig/ competition experience: Gigs with students and occasionally some weddings and events.



How did you get acquainted with guitar playing?


My cousin from Malaysia was staying at our place in the late 90s when he got himself a guitar and started playing at home. Being an avid karaoke singing enthusiast back then, the thought of being able to sing and play the guitar on-the-fly laid its seed in my mind.


Soon I was scouring through music shops for song books that contain my favourite songs and I started to learn abut chords, fingering and strumming. I have to say learning alone can be such a tough experience, especially you do not know whether what you are playing is correct at all.


I know in other stories, you would be hoping for a grand finale on how a person became the world's best guitarist but nope, I am going to disappoint you by what I am about to say. I gave up.


Whenever I played well on the guitar, I found that I could not sing well and the same holds true the other way around. Moreover, there was no real incentive/motivation to being able to achieve that partly because it was always a very lonely thing to practise by myself.


The other major part? Alright Alright. No excuses. PLAIN LAZINESS. To be totally honest, it was not until 2005, when my singing passion started to intensify exponentially that I picked up the guitar again and really started to be serious about playing the guitar again. So, here I am now.


Describe your first experience playing on a guitar.


It was magical. Nah... But it sounded really good though, although it was some $100-ish laminated guitar, it gave out the kind of sound that no recording was able to reproduce. (Did I mention I am also an audiophile?) I was pretty fascinated by this instrument that created such a clear, enveloping sound. (You know nothing, Jeff Teay)


What is the best thing about being a guitarist?


Well, I would not call myself a guitarist but I do play sometimes for others, which I suppose makes me one as well. But one thing is for sure, when you start playing and people around you spontaneously join in and jam together, I think that the shiokest feeling ever.


Music is all about expressing yourself and the guitar by far the most versatile and mobile instrument.


Describe your most memorable guitar-related incident.


That has to be the time where my friends and I were playing at a company event and I totally screwed up. My friend, Nathaniel Tan, was singing that song "What a Wonderful World" but I was playing the chords for a totally different song. That is not the best part. We completed the song and acted as if nothing happened. Pro bo?



How many guitars do you currently own?


Monogamy rules! I believe in 1 man, 1 guitar. No la, I got no money to buy many many guitar laaa~ I want a Martin D28 so badly although to be honest, I thought my D1 sounded better.


First guitar: Larrivee L-03


Favourite guitar brand/ model: I've said it. Martin D28. I know I haven't been further poisoned yet. Please stay away from me.


Favourite guitarist: Nope I don't have one. But I thought Jason Mraz and Ed Sheeran are pretty bad ass in playing and singing so well in LIVE!


First song you learned to play on guitar: Seriously? I forgot! JK. It's 伍佰 - 痛哭的人


Song you love to play most on guitar: 张惠妹 - 彩虹, 芮恩 - 讨厌. I like groovy songs that I can strum without holding back.


Most difficult song you have played on guitar: The most difficult songs are those that I just started to learn. Even those that you thought were very difficult can be made easy with practice. Practice practice practice!


Tips for aspiring guitarists: See above. Find happiness in playing. Same as everything in life. :)

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