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Age: 32

Occupation: Banker/ Guitarist

Style: Acoustic/ Electric

No. of years of playing the guitar: 11 years

No. of hours spent on the guitar per week: 3-4 hrs everyday

Gig/ competition experience: Played in church for 8 years; Regular gigs for 2 years.



How did you get acquainted with guitar playing?


Picked up guitar playing in Church Cell Group


Describe your first experience playing on a guitar.


I never knew it was so hard to play. It looks so easy on other guitarists!


What is the best thing about being a guitarist?


Being a guitarist means harnessing one of the most amazing invention.


Describe your most memorable guitar-related incident.


One time, I was practicing guitar in hall late at night. I passed my guitar to my roomie to play after my daily routine and it's when there was knocking on the door. He got scolded real bad.


How many guitars do you currently own?


I have 9 guitars. Fender Strat, Godin Multiac x2, Taylor GS mini, baby and 110CE, Lag Nylon & Acoustic and Fretlight Guitar (great for practice)


If your house is on fire, which one would you run out with? Why?


Oh Man... What a question... Ok my favourite is Godin Multiac SA rosewood limited. But I'd rather grab all 9 and run.


First guitar: Yamaha (classical) forgot model


Favourite guitar brand/ model: Godin Multiac Nylon SA. Excellent for fingerstyle pop.


Favourite guitarist: Hanjin Tan. He opened my eyes to see how an acoustic could and should be played. Kee Kangyang, my mentor. His awesome skills and attitude inspires me greatly.


First song you learned to play on guitar: How great is our God. (Didn't sound that great when I first played)


Song you love to play most on guitar: Billie Jean.


Most difficult song you have played on guitar: Treasure by Bruno Mars. Piece of cake if you play with normal folk strumming. Try singing and playing with that bass groove and you'll know what I mean.


Tips for aspiring guitarists: 1. Practice, practice, practice. 2. Listen, listen, listen. 3. Record, record, record. Repeat step 1-3.


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