Earth, Wind & Fire - After The Love Has Gone


Key: F > …


        F            Bbm7/F                   F 

For a while, to love was all we could do

              F/A                Bb

We were young and we knew

            Dm7           Bbmaj7

And our eyes were alive

         Dm7                     Bb/C           C7 

Deep inside we knew our love was true

        F             Bbm7/F                 F

For a while, we paid no mind to the past

      F/A                   Bb

We knew love would last

         Dm7                Bbmaj7

Every night somethin' right

             Bb/C          C7

Would invite us to begin the dance


Bbmaj7                     F/A       Dm7

Somethin' happened along the way

         Gm7                          F   A/B

What used to be happy was sad


Emaj7                       D#m7    G#m

Somethin' happened along the way

       C#m7                       Bmaj7

And yesterday was all we had


       Cm7 Fm7                   Bbm7

And oh,   after the love has gone

Bbm7/Eb                     G#maj7

How could you lead me on

       B/C#                 F#maj7

And not let me stay around

B/G# Bbm7 Cm7 Fm7                   Bbm7

Oh,   oh,     oh,   after the love has gone

         Bbm7/Eb             G#maj7

What used to be right is wrong

       B/C#                  F#maj7

Can love that's lost be found


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