Guitarists of Singapore (GOS) - Joshua Chin



Age: 21

Occupation: Undergraduate

Style: Acoustic

No. of years of playing the guitar: 5 years

No. of hours spent on the guitar per week: Twice a week

Gig/ competition experience: Busker

Instagram: @shuaseeniger


How did you get acquainted with guitar playing?


Was interested to impress a girl hahahaha


Describe your first experience playing on a guitar.


I thought it was such a hard instrument to play, because of the different chord shapes and the strength you had to apply onto the neck to get a nice sound.


What is the best thing about being a guitarist?


It helps to take your mind of things whenever you feel down.


Describe your most memorable guitar-related incident.


I was looking for my very first guitar and there were so many guitars that my church friends were picking out for me, my budget went from $500 to $1000 and in the end got a second hand piece close to $2000, never regretted increasing my budget.


How many guitars do you currently own?


1 ukulele (mahalo), 1 Taylor 414ce


If your house is on fire, which one would you run out with? Why?


My Taylor definitely, that baby is my wife.


First guitar: Taylor / 414ce / 2007


Favourite guitar brand/ model: Martin, every martin guitar sounds different, they are made with less precision but if you pick a nice piece you'll never find one the same as yours.


Favourite guitarist: Sungha Jung, that guy is damn talented man.


First song you learned to play on guitar: Blessed be the name


Song you love to play most on guitar: Dare you to move (switchfoot)


Most difficult song you have played on guitar: I'm not an electric or fingerstyle guitar player so songs are pretty manageable. Hope I pick up electric guitar soon.


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