Kelly Clarkson - A Moment Like This


Key: F#>G#
Capo 1 – Play F>G


Intro: lDm7 lBbsus2 lGm7 lCsus2 l


Dm7      Bbsus2           Gm7           C

What if I told you It was all meant to be

Dm7          Bbsus2       Gm7           C

Would you believe me? Would you agree?

Dm7                Bbsus2      F/A             Gm7

It's almost that feeling That we've met before

     Eb                                         Bbsus2

So tell me that you don’t think I'm crazy

           Gm7                                           C

When I tell you that love has come here & now


      Dsus4         G              D/F#            C

* A moment like this Some people wait a lifetime

         D                G             D/F#                  C

For a moment like this Some people search forever

             D               Em

For that one special kiss 

       Em/Eb              G      G/B     Cadd9

Oh I can't believe it's happening to me

          Em              Am7              D9              G   (G/F)

Some people wait a lifetime For a moment like this


Dm7         Bbsus2        Gm7       C

Everything changes but beauty remains

Dm7                 Bbsus2 Gm7    C

Some things so tender I can't explain

Dm7               Bbsus2         F/A  Gm7

Well I may be dreaming But till I awake

Eb                                            Bbsus2

Can't we make this dream last forever

         Gm7                                C

And I cherish all the love that we share *


Em7                   Ebmaj7            G G/F

Could this be the greatest love of all

            Em7                    Ebmaj7              Em Em/Eb

I wanna know that you will catch me when I fall

     G       G/B      Cadd9

So let me tell you this

          Em              Am7              D9              A

Some people wait a lifetime For a moment like this *


Play last * in A


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