Guitarists of Singapore (GOS) - Alex Hong



Age: 28

Occupation: Full time gigging musician and music coach

Style: Acoustic

No. of years of playing the guitar: 11 years

No. of hours spent on the guitar per week: 20+

Guitar/ music qualifications: Diploma in vocals

Gig/ competition experience: Final 1 by channel 5; Voice of China; Gigged at Stickies Bar, Cheval Bar, Beer Market and Cafe Stage@Prinsep; Event and weddings musician for 5 years

Instagram: @scriptlewis

YouTube: @scriptlewis

Soundcloud: alexsingsmusic


How did you get acquainted with guitar playing?


I started cause my friend picked it up and we kinda do everything together.


Stuck with 4 chords for 3 years cause I'm lazy as hell. Only really picked it up when I started gigging.


Describe your first experience playing on a guitar.


Horrible. Hahaha. Wrong chords. Out of tune guitar. Total defeat.


What is the best thing about being a guitarist?


The girls. I'm kidding.


I'd say being able to play the rhythmic and melodic parts both at the same time. A guitar is everything: a cajon, a piano, a guitar, a vocal.


How many guitars do you currently own?


Two. Martin F series and Fender telecaster


If your house is on fire, which one would you run out with? Why?


Martin cause that's my gig guitar. My Fender is just for me to fool around. But of course I'd run out with both. Two hands ma.


First guitar: A custom acoustic. That was when I was poor and city music had a sale. 300 bucks for a decent sound. Whack.


Favourite guitar brand/ model: Haven't had the luxury to try them all.


Favourite guitarist: Coldplay's guitarist. His sounds are always so fitting and simple riffs but spot on.


First song you learned to play on guitar: Your Call by Secondhand Serenade


Song you love to play most on guitar: Gentlemen Don't by Gabe Bondoc


Most difficult song you have played on guitar: Hmmm. I feel it's the solo of Warrior by Imagine Dragons. Can't keep up. I suck at solos really.


Tips for aspiring guitarists: Don't be lazy. It's a tough journey especially at the start. But the end point. Beautiful as hell.


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