Diana Ross - If We Hold On Together


Key: C


Intro: lC  lEm lF  lGsus4 G l x2


C                                  C

Don't lose your way with each passing day

C                      C/E       F           G

You've come so far Don't throw it away

Am7    C       Am7              Em

Live believing Dreams are for weaving

F                 C             G

Wonders are waiting to start

Am7       C      Am7                 Em

Live your story Faith, hope and glory

F               C                G

Hold to the truth in your heart


  C            Em   F G

* If we hold on together

C              Em            F       G

I know our dreams will never die

C                     Em              G/F F

Dreams see us through to fore     ver

           Am7   F    C       Am7 F    C

Where clouds roll by, for you  and I


C                                C

Souls in the wind Must learn how to bend

C               C/E        F            G

Seek out a star Hold on to the end

Am7    C           Am7         Em

Valley mountain There is a fountain

F                 C            G

Washes our tears all away

Am7          C          Am7           Em

Words are swaying Someone is praying

F                  C                    G

Please let us come home to stay *


         F         G/F        Em    C

When we are out there in the dark

        Dm7     G7         C

We'll dream about the sun

Eb     F/Eb      Bb/D      Bb

In the dark we'll feel the light

G#                     D7   G

Warm our hearts everyone *


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