Jessie J - I Have Nothing


Key: G > Bb


G                                   Em 

Share my life Take me for what I am

          Cmaj7                                 Bm7    Am7 C/D

Cause I'll never change All my colors for you

G                              Em

Take my love I'll never ask for too much

       Cmaj7            D/C                        Bm7   Am7 C/D

Just all that you are And everything that you do


   Cmaj7                            Bm7          Em

~ I don't really need to look Very much further

Cmaj7                          Bm7                  Em

I don't wanna have to go Where you don't follow

Cmaj7                                   Bm7

I won't hold it back again This passion inside

        Am7                            Am7 G/B   C  D

Can't run from myself There's no    where to hide


                         Ebmaj7            Cm7

* Don't make me close one more door

                    Dm7     Gm

I don't wanna hurt anymore

                 Ebmaj7      Cm7

Stay in my arms if you dare

                Dm7          Gm

Or must I imagine you there?

                  Cm7           Bb/D

Don't walk away from me

          Ebmaj7            F7                           Bb

I have nothing nothing nothing, if I don't have you


G                                        Em

You see through Right to the heart of me

       Cmaj7                                               Bm7          Am7 C/D

You break down my walls With the strength of your love

G                                Em

I never knew Love like I known it with you

            Cmaj7                                 Bm7     Am7 C/D

Will our memories survive? One I can hold on to ~ * *

Play last * in B


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