Westlife - Beautiful in White


Key: C > D > E


Intro: lC G lAm7 Em lF C lGsus4 G l


C                    G            F                 C

Not sure if you know this But when we first met

F          C         F             G

I got so nervous I couldn't speak

C               G          F                 C

In that very moment I've found the one and

F              C           F           G

My life had found its missing piece


            C                    G

* So as long as I live I'll love you

Am7              Em

Will have and hold you

F                C           Gsus4 G

You look so beautiful in white

              C                     G

And from now to my very last breath

Am7           Em

This day I'll cherish

F                C              Gsus4 G C

You look so beautiful in white    tonight


lC G lF   l


C                       G          F              C

What we have is timeless My love is endless

F                  C      F             G

And with this ring I say to the world

C                      G        F                       C

You're my every reason you're all that I believe in

F               C        F               Gsus4 G

With all my heart I mean every word *


F                 C             Gsus4 G D

You look so beautiful in white   tonight


Key: D
Capo 2 – Play C


lC G lAm7 Em lF C lGsus4 G l x2


    Am7             F

Tonight And if a daughter's what our future holds


I hope she has your eyes

G                                Am7

Finds love like you and I did


Yeah, when she falls in love we'll let her go


I'll walk her down the aisle 

G                  A           D

She'll look so beautiful in white *


Play last * in D


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