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While I have played guitar for like eternity, my interest for the instrument was only piqued relatively recently.


Back in 2015, my best friend decided to pick up the guitar. He want to get an acoustic guitar. And he needed recommendations.


That was when I started reading up on guitars: construction, woods, peripherals, set-ups, repairs.. the more I read, the more I fell in love with the beautiful instrument.


We went on guitar trying sessions. Swee Lee, Davis, Maestro and almost every other guitar shop in Peninsula Shopping Centre.


Eventually, at the recommendation of his instructor, he got the Sigma OMM-ST.


Specs-wise, it was the standard entry-level guitar.



Orchestra model body with solid Sitka Spruce top, Mahogany back and sides.



Minimalist design: white-black plastic soundhole rosette, no binding/ purflings.



Sneaky Martin-looking Sigma logo on the headstock, a remnant of the history of the brand.



The humble facade belies its grand and resonant sound. Snappy and articulate tone makes it ideal for fingerstyle passages.


Playability is superb with a generous 44.5mm nut width.



At that time, we were both based in NUS so OMM-ST had frequent lunch time rendezvous with Protege SM-3.



In 2017, he made up his mind to leave Singapore for good to become a monk.


Just before he left, he handed me OMM-ST. I tossed the idea of keeping it for him indefinitely but he was rather adamant that he will not need it anymore.


So I cleaned it up, sold it and donated the money to charity.


Before and after.



But not before I recorded one of his favorite songs with it.



~深深地祝福你 最情爱的朋友 祝你一路顺风~


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