Yamaha LS16 (ARE) | Teardrop Sunburst


Caught the film Yesterday on the return flight from a vacation in Taiwan.


In the film, singer-songwriter protagonist Jack Malik used a Martin CEO-7.



Maybe it was the post-vacation endorphins, I became obsessed with sunburst guitars afterwards.


Don't I already have a sunburst in Protege SM-3?


Not just any sunburst but those that are done only on the lower bout; which I later learn to be called 'teardrop sunburst'. What an enchanting name~


The infatuation with teardrop sunbursts, coupled with the longing for my LJ16, I picked up a LS16SB. Tadah~



Engelmann Spruce top decked in gorgeous teardrop sunburst outlined with an intricate 4-tier black-white plastic and maple purfling.



Lovely deep brown Rosewood back and sides with maple binding.



Mahogony neck reinforced with 2 rosewood strips to combat warping.



While I did the routine saddle upgrade (plastic to bone), this time I thought the tone became a bit harsher upon changing and sort of preferred the mellower tone with the plastic saddle. Well, I guess we shouldn't fix what aint broken.



Like the LJ16, the mids are sweet and measured. Sustain again is great for the torriefied top. Bass is not as thunderous which is not unexpected for its shape.


Love the clean and elegant headstock design. And... the 1-3/4 nut width is simply ideal for fingerstyle playing.



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