Custom Acoustic MJ1E | The Dream Travel Guitar


Finally got my hands on my dream travel guitar!


But nope, it's not a Lowden or Taylor or Martin. But a relatively unknown brand, possibly unheard of outside SE Asia.



So the story goes. It was March 2018. Dropped by City Music to check out the newly launched Ed Sheeran LX1E ÷ but was let down by the boxy tone.


Then I picked up the lesser Custom Acoustic MJ1E. It rang resonantly with a full and bright sound putting the LX1E to shame. And the slim neck profile was oh-so-comfortable.


So I decided to get it. But then comes the plot twist.


The display piece that I was smitten with had a gorgeous tight-grained top but the fretboard was worn out with a couple of dings. The clip inside the body had come off and the wires dangled messily.


Out came a new piece; had an average looking top and some glue residues around the soundhole. Tone paled in comparison to the display piece.


I didn't get it in the end. But the little one stole my heart since.


Many years later, I finally got it. And when I played on it.. *cue opening notes of Celine Dion's it’s all coming back*.. it sings as beautifully and plays as silkily as I remembered it to be.


And I simply adore the aesthetics of the guitar.


36” mini-jumbo shape; love the curves on a mini-jumbo.



The overall design is the epitome of simple elegance.


Top: attractive grain patterns on the orangey Sitka spruce top (solid) crowned by a gorgeous abalone soundhole rosette.


Rosewood bridge and fingerboard.



Back and sides: laminated mahogany neatly framed by black plastic bindings.



Multi piece mahogany neck with black headstock veneer with nice pearl logo. Tusq saddle and nut.




Maestro ET-1 is happy to have a small-sized counterpart.


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