Yamaha SLG200S | The Silent One


I read a review of Yamaha SLG200 silent guitars on Acoustic UK magazine (July 2015 issue) and since that day, I had a latent desire to get one someday.


And when I finally got the SLG200S, I fell in love with it much more than I had imagined.



For starters, the package was so compact that I stashed it away neatly without being caught out on buying yet another guitar!


I wasn't sure I was going to like the aesthetics but on assembling it, the sleek contours and lovely rosewood frame simply took my breath away.



Prior to getting it, I had already done my homework on the acoustics and was convinced that I would fancy it.


The 200 series had a mic blend that converted the piezo signals into more stereo sounds like what a mic would pick up on a conventional guitar.


Plus there were 2 reverb and a chorus options that allow enhancements of the output tone.



The best part of the SLG200S is… the silentness!!


10pm, the son was asleep in the adjacent room and instead of gingerly plucking on the strings in a hushed tone, I could play normally and yet hear the 'usual' sound through my earphones.


It's like stepping inside this bubble filled with music and joy, cut off from the frustrations and unhappiness in the real world.



With the SLG200S checking all my boxes, it did cross my mind that I could live with just this one piece and sell off all the other guitars.


But nah, who am I kidding?


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