NDP 2021 Theme Song - The Road Ahead


Lyrics: Linying Tune: Evan Low


Key: G


G                               Cmaj7

One man on an island One drop in the sea

Am7                                 Dsus4 D

All it takes to set a wave in motion

      G                                  Cmaj7

Is a single word, an action A hope that we can be

       Am7                                          Dsus4 D

The change that we’ve been longing to see

            Cmaj7      D          Em D/F# G

For our home, our land, our family

     C                 Dsus4 D

It’s all within our reach



               G        C

* See this island, every grain of sand

              Am7                Dsus4           D

Hear this anthem, it’s the voices of our friends

                 G              Bm7   Em

Come whatever on the road ahead

                 Am7 Dsus4              G (Bm7)  

We did it before, and we’ll do it again


               G                                           Cmaj7

When the moments turn to hours And the day’s last light is gone

Am7                                     Dsus4 D

Look around us always and remember

                  G                                            Cmaj7

There were times we were uncertain But we just kept walking on

     Am7                                Dsus4 D

It’s always darkest just before the dawn *



Bm7               Em

Our home, the home we share

                Am7              D                        G

Where the garden always grows toward the light

                 Cmaj7            G/B

Though the road ahead is daunting

  Am7                           Dsus4 D

I know we’re gonna be alright *


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