Sigma TT-12E+ | The Vintage Sunburst


Obsession with vintage sunburst strikes again.


While I have never been fond of 34" guitars due to their boxy tone, I couldn't resist getting this due to its resemblance to the guitar that got me infatuated with vintage sunburst - Martin CEO-7.


Sigma TT-12E+. Once upon a time, the poor man's Martin but today a breakaway brand.



It was a little underwhelming when I saw it for the first time; fingerboard plastered with grime, lustre of the sunburst lost in the oil patches and dust sprinkle.


But after a few spritz of Dunlop cleaner on the top, some elbow grease, steel-wooling the fretboard with lemon oil, change of strings, the boy started to shine again (literally).


Solid sitka spruce top with a tastefully done sunburst.



Laminated tilia back and sides.



No binding/ purfling which is typical of a travel-sized guitar.



New Sigma headstock with diecast tuners. Mahogany neck with Micarta fingerboard.



Black plastic pins looking good against the micarta bridge with nice unbleached bone saddle. However it is not profiled to the fret radius causing the action on the treble side to be slightly higher.



Surprised to find the pin holes ramped.



Sigma preamp with ceramic pickup.



Internal landscape looks typical of factory production favouring function more than form.



Unplugged tone is characteristic of a small bodied guitar.



Plugged-in tone is characteristic of a piezo pickup tone.



Love how compact it looks with a neat looking case.



Well a travel guitar is made to travel isn't it? Spent a blissed afternoon playing on it at the deserted Esplanade sidewalks.



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