Mayday Nowhere《诺亚方舟》3D Concert Movie Review


Do you know the difference between a solo performer and a band?


On stage, the solo performer performs. The band banters and makes merry.


This was my takeaway from the Mayday Nowhere 诺亚方舟 3D concert movie.



Five bosom friends indulged in music-making and creating joy with one another. The stage was their playground.


The bliss on their faces says it all. To be able to do that is a privilege; it takes a tandem of talent and countless hours of practice but the joy and pleasure is exclusive.



Though not half as good as being live at the concert, the 3D effects of light sticks swaying and the pyrotechnics bursting in front of us helped to enhance the movie experience.



No doubt the performances were great, but as a concert movie, it was lacklustre. The movie was jammed with song after song and like fingering my way through the pack of popcorns (sweet!), it got a little dreary after a while.


Although the movie did attempt to infuse a storyline to the performances, the plot was more confusing than the Harry Potter movies; something along the lines of construction of a nuclear energy plant, Armageddon, time travelling and exchanges between a grandfather and his grandson over a guitar. *scratch head*


I remember fondly of two other concert movies I have watched: Glee and Katy Perry: Part of Me where the performances were interspersed with behind the scenes footage which allows viewers to peek into the more personal sides of the artistes.


I would have loved to see some bantering between the bandmates like those on 康熙來了.



The highlight of the movie is undoubtedly the closing scene.


AShin makes a heartfelt and emotive thank-you speech, speaking of his lack of talents and blessing to be able to engage in music-making and the support for his efforts even when it may not be the best.


The words, the tone, the pauses were charged with sincerity and humility drawing tears to his fellow bandmates and the concert goers.


A not-to-be-missed movie for Mayday fans. Bring your tissues.


Thank you GV and OMY for the invite.

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