10 Commercial Songs The 90s Kids Would Remember


衣服本来刚刚好 怎么现在扣不上?


If you are a 90s Singaporean kid, I bet you did more than just read the opening line.


And you can probably sing the next line or even the whole song!


And yeah, the tune is gonna stick for a while.


Like the darn Triple Dent Gum jingle that plague Riley's mind in the movie Inside Out, the Scott's emulsion jingle is right there on the playlist of your Forgetters who are plotting to plonk it into your control room.



Hence, at the request of you Forgetters, here are 10 songs/ jingles that stick from the good o' commercials.


01 | Scott's Emulsion Cod Liver Oil


衣服本来刚刚好,怎么现在扣不上 (为什么?)
桌子椅子那么小,小房门也钻不了 (味道好)
成长成长,我已成长 (比比看 谁比谁高)
司各脱鳘 鱼肝油 陪伴我一起成长 (我喜欢啊)


If you find the lyrics slightly different from what you remember, you are probably right too! ‘cos there is at least one different version that I can recall: ~小小玩具真好笑 骑单车你太过小~


And yes, there’s the English version too! ~Growing up, growing up, I’m growing up~



02 | Fernleaf Milk Powder


If you tune in to Malaysia TV1 at 5.30 pm for the cartoons, you would have probably heard this heartrending tribute to mothers: ~Ibu ibu~



03 | Nespray Milk Powder


Not to be outdone by it’s milk powder competitor, the Nespray commercial also has a song with a simple melody that sticks.


Sadly I can find this commercial on the Internet but the lyrics goes something along the lines of: ~你是我的好宝贝 你是我的心安慰~



04 | Royal Umbrella Rice - 担心


Hands up if the commercial makes you want to want to savour plain rice. 多吃多吃.



05 | UIC


UIC Oh~ UIC 清洁环抱真开心 UIC!



06 | Baygon – Stand By Me


The video I managed to find is not exactly the one that I remember. But the theme of sleeping soundly through the night by keeping away the mozzies is the same.



07 | Fujifilm - What A Wonderful World


My first encounter of the the beauty of nature and animals long before there was National Geographic. I thought the 6/8 rhythm really accentuates the carefree spirit of Mother Nature.



08 | Prudential – Life Story


Not a big fan of Prudential but I am say the marketing department hit the right chord with this advertisement with Dick Lee’s Life Story.


Car pulls up to a old dilapidated house; driver enters the house and finds an old chatek; memories start to flood back.


This is my life story, minute by second, a story

That goes on forever, with each breath, that I take


How is the plot related to insurance? I have no idea but I bet that commercial is stored as a long term memory for many of you.


09 | Australia Tourism Board – I Can Sing A Rainbow


Red and yellow and pink and green

Purple and orange and blue



10 | TDK Karaoke System


Anything you can sing I can sing better

I can sing anything better than you

No you can’t. Yes I can. YES WE CAN..


Yes, before London Choco Roll pulled the stunt of having karaoke style captions to their annoyingly memorable jingle, Karaoke system brand TDK had a commercial where a man and a lady competed to a duet accompanied by the lyrics flashing on the screen.


So how many commercials can you recall?

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