Maestro Inlay Competition 2017 - The Story Behind


It's been the longest time since I wielded my digital pen (aka mouse). But in the month of July, there were strong motivations to do so.


The Maestro Guitars Inlay Competition.


It's no secret that I'm a big fan of the homegrown brand. I love to share this story: there was this time when I was testing out a custom Singa, peering into the sound hole and I made a comment to my friend


The sound waves from my voice alone set the top vibrating! *gasp* THAT bears testament to the quality of bracing and construction. And not to mention that their guitars are the epitome of elegance, with the florentine cutaways and beveled armrests.


Hence it'd be my greatest dream come true to be able to see my designs come to life on the Maestro guitars.  


So I picked up the mouse and embarked on the laborious (but fun!) process of vector drawing. Stroke-by-stroke, path-by-path, the sketches in my mind's eye came into being. 100% hand-crafted. *wink*  


So calling all readers, if you like the designs as much as I do, please help to LIKE and SHARE the photos! Thank you!


I can't embed the last one due to some fb bug but here's the link!


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