Domino's Makan Session

As a teacher, I am a regular customer of pizza delivery: class celebrations, tea sessions, special occasions. I love it ‘cos it is convenient and it feeds many people. I have never bothered to explore beyond the same few names whenever calling for pizza but today, another name has staked a credible claim: Domino’s Pizza.

Being invited to a bloggers makan session at Domino’s, I had the opportunity to learn about Domino’s and pardon my ignorance, it has actually a rather global presence with outlets in more than 60 countries!! Ms Linda Hassan shared with us some unique stuff about Domino's e.g. they have such confidence in their ability to deliver good food in a short time that they offer a 30 min delivery guarantee, 15 min take out guarantee AND product satisfaction guarantee. Also, a practice that I really espouse is that they state the net prices (no delivery charge) hence we will never be stumped by the hidden and extra charges when the delivery arrives.

We were taken through an online ordering of pizzas; the process was simple and it took only a few minutes. I was impressed by the really cool feature of the Pizza tracker which allows you to track real-time the stage at which your pizza is at.

It only took awhile for our “orders” to arrive. And the delivery man gained a minute of fame as we all whipped out our camera and snapped away. With the pizzas laid out in front of us, the aroma teasing our growling stomachs, we had to resist the temptation of laying our hands on them. Instead, we started taking photos of the food in every flattering angle; close up, top view, side view. It was a good 5 minutes before we finally tucked in.

Despite being a small eater, I had 3 slices of pizza (a prawn sensation, a Hawaiian paradise and a chilli chicken). Who could resist the blend of baked dough, tender meat, fresh prawns, tasty tomatoes spread with melted mozzarella cheese. Call me weird but I actually like the crust best, which they proudly trademarked as the Classic Hand Tossed. After a feast of pizzas, onion rings and roasted drumlets, we polished off our meal with the irresistible chocolate lava cake. Satiated. Thank you Domino's and omy for the invite.

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