Johnny English Reborn

Looking to neutralize the cortisols that's been flooding my system, I turned to a dose of lame Rowan-humour with Johnny English Reborn.

I caught the first installment on big screen too. That was in my freshman year together with a group of uni friends affectionately termed as my "scholar" friends. Sadly as we went on separate paths after graduation, we never really kept in contact. I remember I was heavily ill that day but I still managed a few weak laughs at the antics of English.

In Reborn, nothing much has changed. He's still as loser as ever, always trying to put on his charming front only to be interjected with some acts of stupidity. Nevertheless, just like two negatives make a positive, he eventually saves the day. The part I cracked up uncontrollably was when he fumbled with the chair during a meeting and was translating up and down. A typical brainless comedy, lots of laughs in an otherwise shallow plot. But considering the theraputic stress relieving effects, the money was well spend.

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