Candle Night

Whenever I need to think, reflect or focus on a task, I would turn off the lights and turn on my Ikea fronsted table lamp. For some reason, the warm orange hue, resembling the candle flame, has a calming and centering effect.

On 05.11.11, Marina Bay hosted the event Candle Night which promotes the finding of one's inner sense of time. Without a doubt, I was drawn to it.


That night, the domineering fluorescent and neon lamps went off and out came the flickering lights from the candles assembled along the waterfront at the Merlion Park.


In the subdued lighting, time seemed to slow down allowing us to become more present in our experiences.

Just like Earth Hour, the extinguishing of the lights around Marina Bay also triggers reflections on the need for actions to protect our environment by reducing electricity wastage.


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