NEA Eco Music Challenge Season 2 Album Review

"Have we walked this earth? Have we felt her pain?"

I am sure many of you would have already heard these lines on TV? That’s the opening for the 2012 Clean & Green theme song “World without Fences” (also the winner for the Eco Music Challenge Season 2).

Season 1’s winner “Heaven on Earth” set the bar so high that I thought it would take some song to match that. Well, "World without Fences" is well worthy of the accolade. Both songs are enchanting in their own ways; “Heaven on Earth” has a more solemn and poignant feel while “World without Fences” is played to a livelier rhythm and the lyrics paints hope of a better future.

I received a copy of the Eco Music Challenge Season 2 album. Honest opinion: I thought the album was very well made – from the exquisite album cover (bright yellow background with a floral design that forms a heart shape) to the 15 eco-songs written by home-grown talents to inspire clean and green living. There are a couple of other songs that I thought were equally good e.g. 01. SOS, 04. Take a Stand and the jazzy number 08. Save our Earth. Impressed. Listening to the album left me ruing the opportunity of listening to these songs live at the Finals.

Check out the songs at and purchase it for only $9.90! Furthermore, proceeds from the sale of the album will go to the Nature Society (Singapore) to the appreciation and study of nature at Semakau Landfill and Pulau Semakau.

"Hand in hand we will rebuild The gardens of yesterday."

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