Be the Voice - Altogether Alone

Key: C#
Capo 1 - Play C
  Cmaj7                     B7sus4 E7
It came It came like a thief 
         Am7                                     Gm 
In the night I happened to be looking Out through the window
  C7                                  F
I swear it was brighter than hell 
Fm               Em                   Am7
Man, I saw a light through the window 
          Dm7       G                            Cmaj7
It was hovering above the house next door
   Cmaj7                  B7sus4 E7 
~ I froze I froze like a stone 
       Am7                                           Gm                    C7
All alone I swear my hair stood up And I said a prayer to end all prayers
                        F        Fm                       Em                                            
I reached for the phone But the phone was dead 
             Am7                     Dm7        G                     Eb
Next the glowing ball turned red And a voice inside my head
            Abmaj7       Fm       G
* Said, "Boss, go on back to bed
Fm               Dm                 G             C7
From now on You are gonna be able to see
                    Fm                 Bb
From now on you are gonna be
         Eb                          A7
All at once with peace and harmony
    Dm                     G               Cmaj7
In rhyme and reason altogether alone"
  Cmaj7                     B7sus4 E7
It came It came like a song
         Am7                                      Gm
In the day, the way I play When I get off on a feeling
    C7                                       F
Of wheeling and soaring through space
Fm                       Em                Am7        Dm7    
Like the word what flows Like the lover as it explodes
            G                  Cmaj7
Kicking off the start of time ~ *

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