Corrinne May - Something About You


Key: G#

Capo 1 – Play G



Don’t know what you do to me

Em7                                             D        Dsus4 D

but everytime I'm with you its a natural high


It’s like re-discovering Eden

Em7                                                             Bm7     C Dsus4 D

with chocolate-coated rainbows and cotton candy skies

       Asus4            A                           Asus4              A     

And everytime you look my way I wish I had the guts to say


                                        C                                 D

* There's something in your eyes Something in your smile

                          Bm7              Em7

Something in the way you move me

                                 C                               D

You make me want to sing Make me want to dance

                      Bm7        C          D           C

Make me want to cry I'm falling in love with you


G                         Em7                                            D     Dsus4 D

I think I'll hire Cupid He'll make you see I'm more than your friend

            G                           Em7                                            Bm7 C Dsus4 D

You'll be tossing and turning Counting the hours till you see me again

       Asus4                     A                                    Asus4                    A     

And when we meet you'll kiss my hand and say the words I've longed to hear *


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