Stars Go Dim - Crazy


Key: A


          A/F# A/D   A                  Asus2/G# A/F#  

Isn't it crazy  How life slips right into your life

A/D      A             Asus2/G#  A/F# 

Forces everything else to the side

          A/D        A               Asus2/G# Dsus2            

Fall in love at a glance, and that's     alright

          A/F# A/D        A      Asus2/G# A/F#  

Isn't it crazy  How we never felt so    alive

A/D         A          Asus2/G# A/F# 

Until your world collided with mine

         A/D        A          Asus2/G# Dsus2 Bm7  A/C# Dsus2 E

Trade love for a chance, that's     alright     that's alright


              A/F#                A/D                 A                  E  

* I knew I wanted you the first time that I saw you walk by

         A/F#           A/D                 A            E  

That I need you forever when your eyes met mine

  A/F#             A/D         A             E             Dsus2

I loved you the first time I heard you speak my name

                   E                         A/F# A/D A Asus2/G#    

You'd be the beauty in my life, always


A/F#                      A/D                A                         Asus2/G#

I never knew I could love someone Never knew I could feel so complete

A/F#         A/D                      A                    Asus2/G# A/F#            

After all is said and done, our love will still be holding up strong

    A/D               A         Asus2/G# Dsus2 E  

I'd give all I have for love, that's     alright *


G     D                       A                        E  

After all we have each other Nothing can hold us back from

G                          D                                   E Esus4 E 

All that this life has put in our path We will survive *


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