One People, One Nation, One Singapore (NDP 1990 Theme Song)


Key: C


C                                  F/C

We've built a nation with our hands

C/E                              F               E

The toil of people from a dozen lands

Am                       Am7/G

Strangers when we first began

F                     C/E

now we're Singaporean

        Dm7            C/E

Let's reach out for Singapore

            F                Gsus4 G

join our hands forevermore


  C              C/E            F             Gsus4 G

* One people one nation one Singapore

C                          C/E         F        Gsus4 E/G#

That's the way that we will be forevermore

Am                   Am7/G

Every creed and every race

F                      C/E

has it's role and has it's place

Dm7 C/E     F    D7/F#  Gsus4     C

One  people one nation one Singapore


C                  C/E                  F

And when the time comes for the test

C/E                   F            E

Our vigilance will never rest

        Am         Am7/G

We'll be united hand in hand

        F                          C/E

We'll show the world just where we stand

       Dm7            C/E

And reach out for Singapore

            F                 Gsus4 G

join our hands forevermore *


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