Two Thumbs Up《衝鋒車》Movie Review


With the release of Big-F (Francis Ng, 吴镇宇) from the gallows, the quartet of goofy old-timer robbers were reunited.



And they were in it to execute their grand plan to makeover a mini bus to look like a police van and then masquerade as police officers to rob money traffickers smuggling cash in cadavers transported across the border.


Who said selfies are only for the young?


As they ransacked the scrap yard for police van parts, real police officer Chui (Leo Ku, 古巨基) stumbled upon the incomplete police vans and set out to thwart their plot.



On their first outing, they became accidental heroes, saving an ice-cream selling damsel who was kidnapped by two thugs. But their luck ran out the next night, when in the midst of robbing the traffickers, they encountered another group of police-imposters, only more ruthless and carrying bigger guns.



A convoluted series of events ensued as the two groups clashed and with Officer Chui joining the fray.



I must admit that when I read the movie synopsis, I thought that it was going be a reprisal of the classic 90s HK action flicks with a straightforward plot smeared with lots of gunfire and car explosions.


And I was wrong. It is one of the most multifaceted movie ever. From the thrilling gunfire and rescues to sentimental exchanges involving the senile old lady and Chui, Ah B and his daughter, to comical scenes accompanied by equally comical background music and finally inspirational and philosophical takeaways such as 'it's not what you wear that defines you'.



The cast ensemble screams 'old is gold' with veteran actors Francis Ng (吴镇宇), Simon Yam (任达华), Patrick Tam (谭耀文) and Mark Cheng (郑浩南) flaunting their experienced acting in the portrayal of their characters and the multitude of emotions.



With a fascinating kaleidoscope of characters, supporting elements (cockroach, bowling ball, doll) and subsidiary stories, the movie is an absolute delight to watch.


Catch 'Two Thumbs Up' (衝鋒車) in cinemas from 02 April 2015.


Many thanks to Clover Films for the invitation to the movie premiere.

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