Christopher Plummer - Edelweiss ('The Sound of Music' OST)


Key: A (3/4)
Capo 2 – Play G


G    D/F#  G/B C/E

Edelweiss edelweiss

G/D   Em              Am7 D7

Every morning you greet me

G             D/F#  G/B         C/E

Small and white clean and bright

G/D        D7          G      G

You look happy to meet me


D7                                   G

Blossom of snow may you bloom and grow

C              A7/C#    D D7

Bloom and grow, fore -ver


G    D7/F  C/E C/Eb

Edelweiss edelweiss

G/D         D7              G  G  Am7 D (C G)

Bless my homeland fore -ver


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