Dick Lee - Our Singapore (NDP 2015 Theme Song)


Key: F

Capo 5 – Play C


Intro: lC    lCsus4 C G/B lAm7 lF/G G l


          Fmaj7                                    C

It isn't easy building something out of nothing

                Fmaj7              C                    Em

Especially when the road ahead’s a rocky one

              Dm7                                    Am7   Am7/G

But if we gather all our courage and conviction

                   F                          F/G                   C   Csus4 C

And hold our dream up high The challenge will be won


       G/B      Am7                           Am7/G

* So now we look around us and we see

             Fmaj7                            F/G G

A nation built with love by you and me

              Fmaj7                             C/E

A land to treasure right down to the core

      Dm7                                C

Our home, our heart, our Singapore

     G/B   Fmaj7     C/E


              Dm7       F/G G


               Fmaj7   C/E


      Dm7                       C            Csus4 C

Our home, our heart, our Singapore


                     Fmaj7                                              C

Through many years gone by, we’ve moved ahead together

                    Fmaj7                        C                          Em

We’ve built a brave new world where we could shine and grow

                   Dm7                                 Am7  

And now we only have to look towards tomorrow

    Am7/G                      F/G            C Csus4 C G/B

To carry   on the dream as far as it will go *


G#maj7         Bb               G#maj7      Bb

And amazing as it seems, It all started with a dream

Eb                      Fm   G#                    F/A               F/G G

And our dreaming isn't done ‘Cause the best is yet to come *


      Dm7         Am7        Fmaj7 F/G         C   

Our home, our heart, our dream, our Singapore

Csus4 C G/B Am7 F/G


Our Singapore



  1. Hi, Do you have the strumming pattern for this song? Thanks

    1. Hi, if you are looking for a more lively version, you can use the strumming method in this lesson: http://chords-haven.blogspot.sg/2016/01/lesson-7-le-barre.html